parkrun Elevation Rankings Singapore

#parkrunElevation Profileft.
1East Coast Parkeast coast park parkrun elevation profile graph4
2West Coast Parkwest coast park parkrun elevation profile graph28
3Bishanbishan parkrun elevation profile graph30

Note 1: parkrun Measurement

We use only barometric data from certain models of GPS in order to calculate the parkrun elevation statistics. This is probably the most accurate method available to us for measuring elevation, but is still not without fault. We follow a general rule that these watches may give an error of +/- 10ft. If you see anything that looks wrong, please get in touch using one of the links at the end of this section.

Note 2: Surface

This ranking takes only the elevation of each course into account and is a useful complement to the official parkrun site. Our list does not consider surface and is therefore not necessarily the perfect indicator of how fast a course is.

Note 3: Course Changes

We are aware that courses will be altered on occasion, which is difficult to monitor. If you know of a parkrun which has had a change of course within the last twelve months, please let us know via Email or Facebook.