Team Jegmar FAQs


The application period is currently open and you have until June 15th to apply.

You can apply now at the following link – click here. The application is a simple form asking for a few personal details, social media links and some questions to help convince us you’d be a great fit for our team!

You just need to convince us that you’re passionate about what you do and want to share that passion with others. If you love what you do and want to stand out and look great doing it, Jegmar is the perfect brand for you.

Other sponsors are permitted provided they are not a direct competitor of Jegmar. If you currently have a deal with another supplier, please let us know within the application.

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The Team

We are looking to select a team of six people to join the team for this first phase, with the aim for more ambassador opportunities to arrive throughout the year.

We want to help out runners of all abilities, so we welcome everyone to apply. The goal of Team Jegmar is to represent the running community as a whole, with the main quality bringing the team together being a combined passion for the sport.

We hope for all members of the Team to be members for as long as you continue running. We intend to review annually, but unless you are no longer able to support the brand for whatever reason, we plan for all members to remain in the team year-on-year.

In the event of injury we will provide you with advice and how you can effectively support the brand during these periods

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Perks & Responsibilities

Team Jegmar racing and training kit, Team Jegmar tracksuit and a selection of vests/t-shirts plus a variety of other accessories. You will likely receive further kit towards the end of the year.

You will be required to wear our Team Jegmar kit in all races where it is not a requirement to compete in club kit.
We will expect you to remain active on social media and promote our. We ask that you wear Jegmar kit in photos where possible, whilst we understand this may not be possible all the time.

As this is a brand new scheme, we can’t currently give exact details. However, we hope to be able to invite team members to photoshoots, meet-ups, expos, entry to races and more.

As this is the launch of the scheme, we probably won’t be able to provide sufficient kit to cover all of your full training. As a result, wearing other brands is perfectly ok, but we prefer you do not actively promote these on social media if they are a direct competitor of Jegmar.

We want to select a team of people who enjoy sharing their activities with others. So we will encourage members to regularly share pictures of themselves running, racing and using our products. In turn we will also share our favourite Team Jegmar images, achievements and reviews with our audience.

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